What are the privacy requirements for the Facebook Exchange?

Facebook announced today that they will allow third-party ad platforms to reach into Facebook ad inventory in order to deliver ads within Facebook that are targeted based on user activity off of Facebook. The new program, called Facebook Exchange, marks the first time that Facebook will permit systematic data use and collection by third-party trackers on Facebook pages (outside of Facebook apps, which Facebook does not supervise).

Bloomberg identified seven companies participating in the Facebook Exchange. Here’s how we score and evaluate their privacy qualifications (50 is a top score):

To see the full reports for these companies, follow these links:

AdRollAppNexusDataXuMediaMathTellApartThe Trade DeskTriggitTurn

As you can see, not all of the companies bring a full set of privacy qualifications. Given the presence of Triggit, in particular, it doesn’t seem like Facebook thinks much of industry oversight programs.

If the Facebook Exchange is a precursor to even more third-party access to Facebook user data, this is not a good sign. Tens of thousands of Privacyscore panelists automatically report the tracking events they experience in Facebook every day, which will ultimately feed into Facebook’s own score. Stay tuned.

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