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I’m tremendously excited and proud to announce that PrivacyChoice has become part of AVG Technologies, a global leader in providing protection, performance and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses. This means that Privacyfix will soon be available to more than 150 million AVG customers around the world. As part of AVG, we also will have the resources and commitment to relentlessly innovate in our mission to make privacy easier.

From our first meeting with the AVG team we could see that we share a deep commitment to providing people with real control over how their data is collected and used. This shared vision is one of empowerment, not fear. One that offers enlightenment, simplicity and fun. One that is delivered across all of your devices and all of the platforms that you use. One that is not about making choices for you, but rather helping you make better choices, more easily. And it is also a vision about helping move industry and decision-makers toward practices that give people maximum control over their own data.

Privacyfix will remain a free service, providing you with a dashboard to manage our privacy choices across social networks, websites and online trackers. As part of the AVG team, we’re already hard at work on new features and extending our coverage to new devices and browser platforms.

We’re deeply grateful to the many people who have contributed to the PrivacyChoice project, particularly the amazing global team that came together around this project over the last four years. We’re especially grateful to our users: Those who wrote to us with praise, suggestions or complaints; those who helped us troubleshoot problems; those who volunteered to test new versions; and those who spread the word about Privacyfix to family and friends. It is the thrill of serving you that moves us forward. Now as part of AVG we can serve you even better.

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